Place de Jamblinne de Meux is located almost exclusively in the territory of the municipality of Schaerbeek. Only the building that the developer wants to demolish and replace with three towers is located on the territory of the city of Brussels (1000 Bruxelles).

Place de Jamblinne de Meux is defined by following streets and avenues: the avenues de Cortenbergh et de Roodebeek, rue du Noyer, rue des Patriotes et l’avenue Milcamps, la rue Rasson, l’avenue Eugène Plasky, l’avenue de l’Opale and rue de Linthout.

For a description and history of the place Jamblinne Meux , we gladly refer to the excellent website of the architectural heritage of the Brussels Region ( in French or in Dutch) . You will also find on this site a short biography (for the moment in French or Dutch) about the person after whom the place is named , as well as information on architects and sculptors who contributed to the current appearance of the Place.