Newton is a commercial project to build a complex of buildings (with 11 storey high-rise) on place Jamblinne de Meux. It will take away sun from the place and its park where many children play, cause shadow to fall on many houses, cause more traffic and threaten the public park.

The communes of Brussels Ville and Schaerbeek advise against this project. Inhabitants are against as well. The region however is finding all kinds of bad excuses, like not recognizing the 1727 Collective because it is ‘not a legal entity’ – imagine a region that does not recognize its citizens! All transparency lacking the region has now decided to allow the project to go aheadby according a demolition and building permit on June 7, announced on the door of the actual building on June 26. Demolition could start soon, before the end of the year. The only recourse is to go to the Conseil d’état who luckily does recognize the citizens in Belgium, if they can pay for the costs of lawyers. Please donate!

The region has been beaten before by its inhabitants. Example is place Jean Rey where instead of 15 storeys, the region allowed 24 storeys to be built. The Conseil d’état has agreed with the inhabitants’ committees that this is illegal. We aim to win again and ask support from all citizens of the region.

The region has the monopoly to decide what it likes on building permissions and it does so with impunity. It does not matter that after the election there is no Brussels region government yet, the administration just moves uncontrolled by democratically elected government and gives permission to the highly disputed project of Newton. As it stands any citizen can expect a high rise next door and have no influence whatsoever on the final decision. Who can accept this?

Helping us to win now is helping to improve transparency and achieve democracy in the region. We want Newton to be stopped now and to be subject to political control by elected representatives of the citizens.

Please donate to the 1727 Collective by sneding money to BE47 5230 8050 0880 (account in the name of member Comité Opale-Opaal Wijkcomité. Every penny, cent or euro will only be spent for our defence at the Conseil d’Etat. We promise that every contributor can, at simple demand, check the accounts. Every donation will be anonymised.