This site  has been created to host and support the opposition to the new real estate project concerning place Jamblinne de Meux and the Juliette Herman parc.

They plan to build three buildings along the Jamblinne de Meux square and to transform the parc Juliette Herman. These intended buildings are much higher than the actual building; they even plan a tower of 11 floors in front of the Royal Military School, which seems an absurdity for the national security. The buildings are for shops, offices and 152 (!) habitations.
Since the public has 2 weeks to reflect on this project which was submitted to its attention starting March 2nd , it was high time to get organized against it.

On this site you will find a daily update with explanations about this project, our reasons to oppose it, information about the neighbourhood, the petition to sign and to spread widely, and on other means to protest , the reason why the site has such a name, what happens next and so on. A lot of documents are downloadable.

This is a collaboration between the various neighbourhood comities . (GAQ, assemblies from Jamblinne de Meux, Milcamps, Opale-Opaal,Pelletier a.s.o), the people who live along these streets, (Place des Gueux, Pavillons Français, rue Newton, aso.) as well as worried citizens.