How to fight

– The most important thing is that you sign the petition and / or write a personal submission .
– Place the poster in your window. Reminder: you can get the poster with the bookseller at the corner at Rue Milcamps/Rue du Noyer and at the headquarters of 1727 (avenue de l’Opale 11). You can also ask by e-mailing to, if you live in the neighborhoods nearby. In the following days, journalists are crisscross our neighborhoods. A massive presence of posters will be useful for us.
– Get people around you to sign the petition, in your work, in your family, your neighbors. Talk about it ; send e-mails to friends and relatives; return to this site
– Go door to door in your section of the street, your street or a few blocks from your neighborhood and make sign the petition or distribute posters. Already, many people do. The ideal would be to cover all districts in the area. If you have even a little time, it is valuable to join the fight against the Three Towers project, send an email to and check our website were we look for people with particular skills to help on certain issues.
– A court procedure is expensive. Although our lawyers are understanding and reasonable, considering the voluminous file, the work involved (writing a submission and assisting to our movement) all in a few days, will cost us between 1,500 and 4,000 euros. We have already managed to collect 1,800 euros. Any financial contribution from you is welcome. We guarantee that all donations go entirely to the legal defense against the building project. We did not have time to start a crowd-funding campaign. If you can contribute financially, any contribution can help us: please use the following on the account BE47 5230 8050 0880 in the name of the neighborhood committee Opale-Opaal. We are committed that any person who is financially contributing (whatever the size of the contribution), can check the account and the usage of the money at his/her request. Of course, the donor name will be anonymized (unless expressly otherwise agreed).

– We urgently need translations for some items on this site. We strive to have a trilingual website but we have little time to translate the texts into Dutch and English. Please have a look and compare the French version of the website with the Dutch and the English versions, and if something is missing, please send us the translation of a text. (via
– Make suggestions or reviews on the site. This is a site for citizens by citizens.
Send us your reactions on this real estate project. We will publish them on the Opinions page.

(to be continued)

What has already been done (Will be completed today)

Please understand that we cannot indicate any correspondence previously sent or all initiatives already taken. The powerful developer also reads this site. But be reassured that our initiatives are fully legitimate and legal.

We did a citizen statement before the Commune Council of Schaerbeek (April 20) and of the city of Brussels (April 25). Here you can read the text of our interpellations.